Presenting: The Atomo V2 Mechanical Mod Clone $56.99

This is probably not the lowest price, but the Atomo V2.0 clone is now in stock in an American shop. Previously the Atomo V1 clone was available, but Fasttech only had the 18500 version and the switch was a big turn off for many people. Now you can get the v2 with the fixed button and the ability to use all 3 major types of battery.

Choose between the brass or steel tube

Choose between the brass or steel tube

The original Atomo mod is made by Gille in Italy. This clone is a 1:1 replica that has all the features of the original. The Atomo V2 features a magnetic switch with a reverse threaded locking mechanism. The switch also has solid copper contacts for minimal voltage drop. Previously the v1 clone did not offer a locking ring which made it rather impractical. The original also was designed for 18350 or 18500 batteries and came with 2 solid tubes, the new clone includes an extension for the 18500 tube to use a 18650 battery. I always thought it was a little odd that this mod came with only a serial on the 18500 tube. I think they should have went the route of the Caravela and put the serial on the button, or on both tubes.

Vaping with science!

Vaping with science!

Here is what Vape Royalty gave for specs:

  • Perfect For Those Who Want a Mod with a Consistent Button and Hate Spring-Designed Buttons!
  • 100% Brass and or 100% Stainless Body
  • Magnetic Switch in Button
  • No Circuit Board (True Mechanical Mod)
  • Laser Etched Engraving and Logo
  • Laser Etched Engraved Individual Serial Number
  • 100% Pure Copper Firing Pin
  • Adjustable 100% Pure Copper Atomizer Contact Pin
  • Bottom Firing Button
  • Reverse Threaded Locking Ring
  • Battery Vent Holes
  • 3 Atomo Tubes for 18350, 18650, and 18500 Batteries
  • 510 Atomizer Connection
  • Storage Box

Get yours here


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