EH 18650 IMR Battery 60A 2100mah $10.49

Edit: This may just be the wording provided by the vendor, the continuous discharge rate is 30A, which is inline with the Sony VTC4 and 5A behind the new purple Efest batteries. Sorry for the initial confusion.

To everyone out there who just bought the 35A Efest batteries, I’m sorry. There is a new king of 18650 batteries that just came out. These new EH batteries are slated at a whooping 60A max discharge and have a high capacity at 2100mah. These seem like the perfect battery for sub ohms in the very low range. EH isn’t the top brand out there so I may be a bit skeptical about the performance, but these might just be the best out there.

Back in black

Back in black

Here is what the site has for specs :

  • Norminal Capacity: 2100mAh
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
  • Cut off Voltage : 2.5V
  • Continuous maximum charge current:10A
  • Continuous maximum discharge current: 30A
  • maximum discharge current: 60A
  • Size: Max.18.25x 65.00mm

Get yours here while they last: 


2 thoughts on “EH 18650 IMR Battery 60A 2100mah $10.49

  1. Joe Petner

    Just to let you know these are no different then any normal 30A battery. The merchant is foolish for listing them as a 60A battery – sustained amperage is 30.

    1. Vineyard Vapes Post author

      Woah Hey Joe!

      Thanks for the feedback, I’ll go back and edit the post. I was notified about it on facebook last night and I forgot to update it. I’m thinking these are rebranded Sony VTC4’s but I have no confirmation yet.


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