3D Dimmi’s Dream RDA Clone Preorder, $60.00

The cloners are ruthless, I’m not even sure if the original of this RDA got a chance to sell out the first production wave yet. Dimmi’s Dream Dripper (aka the 3D) is one of the most innovative atomizers to come out in the past year, and I don’t want to discourage this kind of creative thinking in the vaping world. I am in no position to take sides on the clones vs originals debate, I’d rather avoid that drama, but as a person without much disposable income I am happy that clones allow me to enjoy some semblance of the products I love.

Are those brass pins!?! Maybe that's just on the 510

Are those brass pins!?! Maybe that’s just on the 510

I love the design of this atomizer, Dimmi must have some really productive dream time. This atomizer is designed for Nemesis owners. There is another version that is threaded for the 69 mod, but that is not available through this listing. With this atomizer you get to shorten down your Nemesis and skip right over the 510 connector for a very reliable battery connection. By minimizing the amount of contacts the voltage drop is minimized, as well as the margin for error. I love hybrids, but in order to be safe you need a multimeter to test the coil before firing. There is an option to get a 510 connector, but that would be like ignoring one of the best features of this atomizer.

Looks excellent, just like the original.

Looks excellent, just like the original.

Atmomixani is probably the most cloned company out there, and with good reason. The Nemesis has undoubtedly been the hottest clone to come out, and here is the ultimate accessory. For those unfamiliar with this RDA you can read my previous posts about it. In summary this dual coil dripping atomizer features a 1.5ml tank that sits below the deck. The deck itself is spring loaded above the tank and will “pump” juice onto the wick while draining excess liquid. On top of that it does look beautiful and the innards show a lot of consideration and engineering went into the design of this atomizer.

The vendor says they should be receiving these before the Chinese New Year, so if you want to get in on the first wave you gotta act quick.

Get yours here:  http://vapingtech.net/products/3d-dimmi-s-dream-dripper

The same vendor has an Ebay listing for $5 less here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/3D-Auto-Dripper-by-Atmomixani-Dimis-Dream-Dripper-RBA-RDA-Atomizer-/251418159693?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item3a89b0aa4d


4 thoughts on “3D Dimmi’s Dream RDA Clone Preorder, $60.00

  1. DFH

    Thanks for the headsup. Just placed an order through eBay. By the way, it’s only $5.00 cheaper if you elect to exclude the 510 connector.


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