Presenting The Grand Innovations GI2 $300

I’ve been a little preoccupied with the site issues and trying to shoot video lately, but here comes the next big thing… 2 days after the last big thing. The GI2 From Grand Innovations shows what putting a real smart chip into a mod can do. I’ll start with the photos first, because this beast is impressive.

I bet it can show my heart rate rising

I bet it can show my heart rate rising

Just look at that sexy TFT display. You would think that is the most impressive feature, but it isn’t. This beast will output up to 100 watts. That is double what the Duke puts out, and this has the very impressive interface to go with it. With this interface you get your readout showing volts, watts, amperage, battery charge, temperature, time vaped, and even your favorite wallpaper. Here is an info graphic from Grand Innovations.

Look a dripper on a variable wattage mod!

Look a dripper on a variable wattage mod!

This may be the start of a new era. Instead of variable wattage mods, we might have to strart calling them smart mods. This mod even has a Micro SD slot, not even my iPhone has that! I usually avoid box mods, because they feel like a pack of cigarettes and they usually lack style, but this mod might change my stance on that. I honestly can not think of a single way to improve this mod. It even accepts dual 18650 batteries so you don’t have to deal with a charger and a built in battery.

It comes in blue!

It comes in blue!

Currently this mod is only available through Grand Innovations facebook page. I believe they are sold out (no surprise) of their first batch, but their site says a 2nd batch is on the way. Get more info here: Facebook


7 thoughts on “Presenting The Grand Innovations GI2 $300

  1. Dennis Curry

    I have one coming around april 18th. I will let you guys know what I find out about it. I can’t wait though. The anticipation is killing me.


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