Presenting The Valkyrie Hybrid Clone Preorder $59.99

Here’s a clone of a mod I haven’t heard from in a bit, from a store that I hasn’t been brought up in a while. The last time I visited Eciggity was when the first Kayfun clones were hitting the market. For many vendors there was a scramble to get them in stock, and Eciggity won. Even at slightly higher prices, they had trouble keeping them in stock, once again it seems Eciggity is first to bring a new clone to the market.

This looks very naked without the logo

This looks very naked without the logo

In comes the clone of Vicious Ant’s Valkyrie Hyrbid mod. This mod features a solid 18650 tube with a very sleek concave design. This mod is a hybrid, so don’t expect to change the atomizer. On the other hand the atomizer matches the mod so nicely, why would you want to? This clone is a blank design so the logo on the button and the tube has been omitted. Besides that it looks very close to the original.

Them curves..

Them curves..

The atomizer is a standard 3 post design, much like the Patriot or Omega RDA. The “Cyclone” air flow control looks very similar to to the original as well. The original Valkyrie has silver pins, and the same 18650 design. I appreciate that this mod is 18650 only. I think using any other battery on a dripper is unsafe.

This mod has got style

This mod has got style

Sorry but that is all I know. Maybe more details will come in the future, and hopefully a better price, but $59.99 is not that bad for a mod and atomizer.

Get yours here:Eciggity Valkyrie



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