The Trident V2 Clone $16.99

The price is coming down as the new versions are hitting the shelves. I am guessing this is the Tobeco version and it looks very close to the original. To date the Trident has been my favorite RDA. I don’t know why the Trident is the only atomizer to utilize the slotted posts, but they make building coils a breeze.

4 easy pieces

4 easy pieces

The old Trident has been greatly improved. The guys over at Grand Vapor changed everything above the deck on this new design. The grey ring with the logo has 2 air holes opposite of each other. Then there is an array of holes in the top cap and this design will not require twisting the base around a cap covered in o-rings. Now there is steel on steel action for the air flow controller so making small changes becomes much easier.

A super trendy new logo design!

A super trendy new logo design!

Here are the specs from the site:

  • Locking Adjustable Airflow
  • Plated copper posts
  • 510 Threaded
  • Allows Interchangeable drip tips (not included)
  • You can use dripping e-liquid, e-solid gel and dry contents in this atomizer

You can get yours here: Venerable Vaping


12 thoughts on “The Trident V2 Clone $16.99

  1. Brian

    If you got this, how are the screws? A buddy of mine said the tobecco screws in this were too shallow – thoughts?

  2. Dennis Curry

    Those slots in the screws are way too shallow on mine. I just wrapped the wires around the posts for now and it works great. Later I will break out the grinding wheel and make them a little deeper.

  3. travis

    mine gets hot and my center post keeps pushing up like its melting the insolater that keeps it in place any one else have this problem

  4. Dennis Curry

    I had that issue with the first trident clone but not this one. And I run it with a 0.3 ohm dual coil all the time. It does get very warm, almost hot, but not an issue for me yet.

      1. travis

        Ya I’m going to grab me one to I just did not like the one I had it got so hot it pushed the center pin up out of the in so later.

  5. Dennis Curry

    I still haven’t had that issue with the v2. But the new issue with the v2 was the shallow slots in the posts for trapping the wire. I was able to fix that rather quickly with a grinding wheel and a dremel though.


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