Presenting The ZNA30 Link Edition! $279.00

With the release of a new board already the new mods are to follow. The ZNA30 was a device I first saw on Pbusardo’s Vapercon interview with Zen and I first laid eyes on an earlier version of this beauty. Now I get to see rumored pictures of the special release day edition.

Steammonkey himself describes the mod: "I tried to get him to call it the Rocketeer. It's got a total industrial "sears tower" sorta thing going on"

Steammonkey himself describing the mod “I tried to get him to call it the Rocketeer. It’s got a total industrial “sears tower” sorta thing going on”

I think it looks great, and my first impression was to say a futuristic bomber jacket, I think Steammonkey nailed it.

Just look at that button

Just look at that button

This is a great example of a beautiful yet functional design. This mod is supposed to be going on sale later today (1/16/14) you can even select to get a notification from the site on the product link.

In case you want to know it's power

In case you want to know it’s power

Get your ZNA30 from From here for $290: Steammonkey
Or from here for $320: Alternate vendor
The regular edition is $279 here: Regular version



5 thoughts on “Presenting The ZNA30 Link Edition! $279.00

  1. Mart

    Not being one to usually mad over high end mods,but that does look bloody lovely!!

    Not that I’ll every own one as it’s way to rich for my bloody and I can’t really see me vaping at 30 watts if I’m honest. On a plus side dna 20 mods may drop a bit with the DNA 30 coming,then again probably not.

    1. Vineyard Vapes Post author

      It’s a bit rich for me as well. I didn’t hesitate to throw down $50 on a DNA30 to start a diy project of my own though.

      I personally think that the DNA30 slowed mod progress, since it kept manufacturers waiting for release. I expect many releases, and upgraded re-releases of previous mods. At that time no one will spend the same amount as before on a DNA20 and their price will drop. That is my prediction.

      1. Mart

        That’s not a bad price for the chip alone,especially as the DNA 20 is about £45 ,or was last time I looked,on this side of the pond. DIY is the way forward for sure.

        I think you’ve made a fair point,well two,really. Let’s hope vaping continues to eveolve and as with most things high end specs will eventually filter down to the more affordable options.

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