The DNA30 Hits Shelves!

I wish I had more info, but the DNA30 was put up for sale, and is currently in stock! (1/16/14 12:00am est)

30 Watts!

30 Watts!

This is a controller board for Variable Wattage mods. The older model has been featured in some of the most talked about mods from last year, and it is sure to make a splash this year. This board allows users to fire atomizers as low as .5 ohms at 7-30 watts. That translates as a maximum of 8.3 volts of battery output! Good luck getting your hands on one of these, some vendors have been waiting patiently with mods in need of a brain. A good example would be Steam Monkey who has announced the ZNA 30 and in celebration placed the Link (hybrid atomizer) on sale for $75.00.

This is big news for the vaping community, keep your eyes peeled for new releases equipped with this board hitting shelves.

Here is Evolv’s link for the DNA30

Here is the data sheet

And here is Steam Monkey’s ZNA30 mod page.


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