Efest 30amp 18650, 2100mah Purple Batteries For $8.25 Each

These are the new kid on the block. The Purple 18650 from Efest. There are many reasons to consider buying a purple battery. First off it’s purple. Secondly it looks almost identical to the Sony VTC 4, except purple. It is supposed to perform like the Sony VTC4, and it costs the same amount as the Sony VTC4 at the same store, It is reported to have 100 more mah for the same price. Vaportekusa has both of them, for the same price coming out 1/16/14.

The new guy here to claim glory

The new guy here to claim glory

The tried and true

The tried and true


Since no one has yet tested the Efest (photoshopped looking) batteries I can’t debate how good they really are. The mah rating of each battery refers to the milliampere- hour units of charge the battery can store. Maybe there is a battery for every job out there. There are even rumors of an Efest 35a battery on the horizon. The future looks promising. Here is what Vaportekusa has to say about the Efest Purples :

Size/Weight = 50g               Continuous Max Discharge = 30A

Length = 64.75mm              Charge Current = 2.15

Diameter = 18.21                 Battery WH = 125 WH/Kg

Capacity = 2100 mah          Voltage = 3.7 Volts    

Min Capacity = 2100 mah    Full Charge = 4.2 Volts

I hope that helped. Remember to use coupon code “5off” You can get them here: http://www.vaportekusa.com/efest-purple-30amp-18650-2100mah-sold-individually/

The Sony VTC4’s should also show up at the same time, same code, same price: http://www.vaportekusa.com/sony-2000mah-18650-us18650vtc4-sold-individually/


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