The Turtle Ship Mod Clone $29.99

Since this mod has been sold out at that other major U.S. store I wanted to make a post about this. Here it is, the Geobukseon aka the Turleship. This mod is so good, they named it twice. No, actually Geobukseon is a reference to the type of ship that is depicted on the mod, and Geobukseon basically is synonymous with Turtle ship.

Still not sure what the letters mean.

Still not sure what the letters mean.

This mod is pretty standard overall. It has brass contacts like a lot of other mods. It also comes with three tube pieces to fit all 3 common 18000 batteries. There is some tasteful laser engraving on both sides of the mod. Then to top it all off you get an adjustable insulator for a snug battery fit. All pretty standard features. 

Looks very similar to the Nemesis or Origin Mod if you ask me...

According to a reviewer it’s a quote from Yi Sun Shin “Those willing to die will live, those willing to live will die.”

101vape has a good picture of the ship

101vape has a good picture of the ship

Here is what c2c says about it:

  • Stainless Steel Mechanical mod that fits 18350, 18500 and 18650 size batteries 
  • Brass Contact 
  • Spring bottom firing mechanism 
  • Serial numbered 
  • 100% CLONE 

Get yours here for $29.99 + Shipping


11 thoughts on “The Turtle Ship Mod Clone $29.99

  1. originalvaper

    Hey Man,

    I wanted to let you know I filing trade marks on all of the domains I have seeing I purchased them for investment. I wanted to be be up front with you so your not blindsided down the road.



    Sent from my iPad

  2. originalvaper

    I have intentions to open up online stores with the name and so there may be some confusion on the separate entities between and

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Josh

    Wait, so yet another online store but this time it’s going to leech its name from an already established vaping name? But the kicker is, you are saying you will attempt to file trademark rights on the name, although you dont even have a functioning website yet, just a “godaddy” style domain purchase?

    Im…. Not Following?

  4. Josh

    By this logic, I could buy a spinoff of vaporjoes.*** and then tell Joe Petner that Im going to copyright his name so I can sling cartotanks and he needs to cease and desist.

    If I am understanding this correctly and this is how this is going down… THIS VineyardVapes is a friend of mine and has many other friends with a deep reach in the vaping community that will put this kind of behavior on the major SHIT LIST of vaping.

    Even if you get your way, the business will be committing suicide before it even takes its first breath. Just sayin…..

  5. Concerned

    Suicide is an understatement. When word gets out what you intend to do, which it has already started to spread, there will be no way for you to even imagine the crap you will be in. Get original, don’t try hijacking someone else because you truly do not have two brain cells to rub together.

  6. Rod

    Trying to pull another AVE type deal it would seem. DUDE come up with your own name.Don’t
    try to get a good rep by riding someone elses that they have busted hump to earn!!!!

  7. Rod

    next he will be saying all he wants to do is help the community by getting them off cigs.
    or that has owned those ither domain names for years and just now decided he is going to use them he should go by AssHat

  8. Josh

    Need to find this guy on Facebook and shit down his throat, in every group he is in….

    Let the people know the kind or guy they are mingling with


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