The Omega RDA Clone $6.66

Are clones inherently evil? This one carries the mark of the beast. The ever cloning market of RDAs gets a new low price for one of the most popular designs out there. The Omega is probably one of the better known RDAs on the market. The original was manufactured by the guys over at Loki Labs and designed by Vapor Bombz. This atomizer uses a pretty standard triple post design that is used in a lot of drippers on the market today.

This clone is already starting quite a debate

This clone is already starting quite a debate

There is already a debate stirring about this atomizer. Many users on Fasttech are talking about how the air holes do not line up with the original design . On the original model the air holes are at a 45 degree angle from the coils. On this one they hit it at 90 degrees. Also Fasttech has a weird habit of selling 20mm dripper clones when the originals are 22mm. I’m sure eventually there will be more clones of this atomizer than we will know what to do with. For the price I figure it can’t be that bad.



Here is what Fasttech has to say about it:

  • Dripping atomizer
  • With Muffler style 510 drip tip (stainless steel)
  • Laser engraving logo and serial number
  • Adjustable airflow
  • 3 air holes located on the top cap (each hole size: 3mm)
  • Triple-post for single/dual coil build
  • Chromed brass center pin and internal posts
  • Build using silica wick and wire
  • Single heating coil resistance: 1.8ohm
  • Height without drip tip: 30.6mm (Approx.)

Get yours here


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