Review: The Origin Mod Clone

Nice logo alignment

Nice logo alignment

I have been waiting for this clone to come around. I love my Aqua (clone) and preemptively ordered the Origin mod clone to accompany it. The Origin mod is originally made by UVO Systems, and by Fontoon. The clone is of the 1st iteration of the mod, but currently there is a v2 rolling around. There are a couple unique features to the Origin mod. If you read my reviews you would know I bought it because of the hybrid adapter for the Aqua RBA. Sometimes when a mod has a hybrid RBA you might get a few choices of mods to use it with since many different mods use similar connectors. Not the Aqua. The Aqua and the Origin are both unique because they are 21mm in diameter. They also were made originally by the same manufacturer. The release of this clone came side by side between two different models. The one I received has a spring loaded switch, the latter has a magnetic switch.

Probably the nicest packaging I've gotten for a clone

Probably the nicest packaging I’ve gotten for a clone

First Impressions

I received a nice accented box with a magnetic flap, UVO logo across the top. The clone manufacturers are really stepping up their packaging to the next level. There are no signs of a true manufacturer on the box. Just the usual foam cutout with a mod inside. When I opened the box I saw a noticeably scratched up mod. It was the first thing I noticed before admiring the beautifully conic cutout on the top ring. Besides the scratches, the mod was overall very clean. There was a little smudge in the threadings, but otherwise the mod looked clean.

Looks like someone scratched it with a nail

Looks like someone scratched it with a nail

Probably the fist thing I did was unscrew the whole top cap and affix my (Chi-You pin) hybrid adapter to my Aqua. I’ve heard complaints about some batteries not fitting into the tube, but my Sony VTC’s just slid right in. I went ahead and screwed down the atomizer and made sure the button was in a short mode. The mod wouldn’t tighten all the way, and began autofiring when I tried to close it. This mod was going to need a little bit of work before it would be ready to use.

I give it a 7/10 particularly because of the scratches

Build Quality

This mod is machined pretty well. The 21mm width is very noticeable when you hold it in your hand. Although this mod is thinner than just about every mech out there, it doesn’t feel flimsy or top heavy. There are a few parts of the design that I think could have used a bit more consideration. For example there was an o-ring on the bottom of the button insulator. This was unnecessary and seemed to just be a quick fix for a mod that needs a bit more spacing on the inside. I wish I intended to use the top cap to this mod, it is probably the most impressive part of the whole assembly.

Just look how nasty those threads look

Just look how nasty those threads look

When I get a new mod I like to clean off the threadings and give the tubes a solid flick to see if the mod will tighten down, this mod flicked right together. I was surprised because the threading looked really gritty and coarse. The spring in the button was very flimsy. When I tried to stand the mod up it has a considerable lean and a heavy atomizer would have probably caused it to constantly fire. The contacts are brass, which is pretty standard. There is now an Aqua atomizer coming out that has a silver plated hybrid adapter, I would have favored that instead of mine for better connectivity. I wish there was more to comment on, but this mod is not a stand out or a complete failure in really any measure.

I give it a 6/10


This is my favorite section in reviews. Some mods have their inherent issues and this mod is no exception. Let’s start with the most unique part of the mod, the button. Right out of the box the button was way out of wack. The button was so loose that it looked like the mod would buckle over if I put to much weight on it. I decided to dissect the button and see what was going on in there.

Notice I already removed the o-ring from the insulator

Notice I already removed the o-ring from the insulator

There’s a nice combination of brass and steel with an insulator to keep everything separate. I’ve read that users who are looking to use the kick have to remove the insulator to be able to tighten down the mod. The nut that holds the button together has some nice knurling on the sides, this makes it very easy to tighten the button down. After removing the insulator and pin I was able to easily grip the nut and expose the rest of the parts. The flimsy spring was the first thing that I noticed. It resembled the “gold” spring from my Nemesis clone which gave me the idea to double up the spring with a spare from my Nemesis. I reassembled the button and tightened everything down to keep it as short as possible. This turned out to be a requirement for using this mod if I didn’t want to expose the tube’s threads. The second spring definitely helped out this mod a lot. It was now able to stand without any wobble and my concerns of it firing diminished.

The button has very smooth action. There is no click or crunch when when the button is fired, it feels very cushy. I guess my biggest disappointment with the button is the inability to toil with the adjustable settings. With an 18650 battery and the Aqua atomizer (pin fully tightenend) I can’t adjust the throw of the button much at all before the mod fires. Now is a good place to mention the locking ring. The locking ring is not reverse threaded and is very impractical to use. The smooth sides make it near impossible to grip. The short button throw makes it hard to trust as well.

This mod does vape well. I love the Aqua atomizer for it’s flavor and clouds, and this mod compliments it nicely. The brass contacts provide a minimal voltage drop, I would have preferred silver contacts like the Nemesis, or Caravela clone, but I think the novelty lies with the hybrid connection. As I switch the atomizer between my Nemesis and this mod the difference in vape is not very noticeable at all.

I give it a 5.5/10


This is where this mod should really shine. The real purpose of buying a hybrid mod is because the atomizer is “that” good and you want the perfect mod to fit it. Unfortunately for me, these two are not perfect matches.

Notice where the atomizer and tube join

Notice where the atomizer and tube join

When I ran my thumbnail up the side of the mod I could easily feel that the atomizer is slightly larger than the tube. In my opinion that is a real bad design flaw and I am not sure who to blame, the atomizer or the mod.

Another very noticeable yet strange feature of this mod is in the laser engraving, in particular the addition of the Vaporwall VW above the serial number. As far as I know there is no Vaporwall edition Origin mod.

They did the serial without a 0 in front!

They did the serial without a 0 in front!

I might have my expectations set a little too high, but adding the VW just annoys me. They did get something right though, the serial has no “0” in front of it. Having a 0 in front of a serial number always annoyed me. Issues aside the laser engraving was very well done. It is darker and much bolder than it is on the atomizer. The button also looks very nice with the band of polished stainless steel running across it.

I give it a 6.5/10

Overall Value

This mod was cheap. At $21.15 it is one of the cheapest I’ve bought. Most mods have at least one or two unique features to stand out from the crowd. This mod has the 21mm width and the complicated button. I’d say the 21mm width is very noticeable. The difference in size is more noticeable than the difference between my Nemesis and Chi-You. I haven’t had any issues with battery fit, so I’d say they did a good job there. The button on the other hand is pretty bad. I’ve already heard numerous complaints from experienced vapers not being able to get the mod to fire reliably. I’d say due to the fit of the tubes, the adjustable settings of the button are useless. Don’t let that ruin the mod for you, there are worse buttons out there, The Chi-You and the Private v2 come to mind. For $21 it is hard to find a mod that is better, but not impossible.

I've had worse

I’ve had worse

The run down:

  • Unique 21mm diameter
  • Threading is coarse but functions nicely
  • The spring in the switch is flimsy
  • Good quality engraving
  • Impractical locking mechanism
  • It might arrive scuffed up
  • Performs well in hybrid mode, but isn’t flush
  • Nice packaging
  • No battery rattle
  • This mod is cheap

This mod gets a 6/10 overall

I got mine from Fasttech, you can pick it up here:


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