3-D Dimmi’s Dream Hybrid RDA In Stock $162.39

I regret ever saying a dripper was a simple device. This here is a real game changer. Normally you just sling some wire over some posts attach a battery and voila you’ve got a portable fog machine. That wasn’t good enough for Dimmi, he basically decided to throw out this wild card. Get your Nemesis or 69 mod ready, this atomizer is hybrid only. Easily one of the most amazing atomizers I’ve ever seen, and #1 on my wish list.

Put the juice in the hole and we won't have no problem

Put the juice in the hole and we won’t have no problem

Now this picture is supposed to help illustrate why this dripper is so unique. This is not the first atomizer to have a tank, nor is it the first dripper to use some pumping action, but I love the concept of this. You simply fill down the pin hole as illustrated above, and when you need to wet your wick, just give the atomizer a pump. The perfect amount of liquid will fill your wicks and it is rumored that words of encouragement will be whispered into your ear by angels. I’m not sure how much of this is correct, but I am thoroughly impressed.

Resistance is useless, get pumped

Resistance is useless, get pumped

I have used my impeccable detective skills to assume this isn’t going to be a short production run. The old system of adding a 0 to the front of the serial suggests there will be at least a thousand of these made. Unless this is like the old story of 3 pigs released into a school numbered 1,2 and 4. Just like Atmomixani’s mods this has a silver pin and some nice insulation.

Visit the Atmomixani site for a great gallery of photos: http://www.atmomixani.gr/index.php/en/menu-shop-en/vmcategory-manufacturer-atmomixani-eg/3d-matte-nemesis-detail.html

Go here to buy one http://www.intaste.de/Rebuildable-Atomizer/Atmomixani/3D-rebuildable-dripping-atomizer::2291.html


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