Presenting: The Mad Industry Penny Mod

Well I guess I’m jumping the gun here, because I don’t have any details yet. I just think this mod looks beautiful and the copper fans might just find their fill here.

The Penny, I get it!

The Penny, I get it!

The wave of copper mods is hitting us. I haven’t seen another Penny mod, but I’m sure someone else will use it since there’s a couple “Coppers” already. It looks great, I hope I get some details soon so I can update the site. This mod is slated to go live between 1/11 and 1/12 so if you are passionate about finding one… get stalking.

It's so copper

It’s so copper

The M stands for Mmmmmm. No in reality it probably has something to do with Mad Industries, but I can’t find the connection yet. The atomizer is guaranteed to make your vape perfect, I think. Just look at it! There’s an atomizer, yet it’s copper.

Details may or not be coming soon, or not. Here is the proposed site /u/whiteE350 posted on reddit for the release:

Update: 18650 here: I haven’t yet found the 26650 version, but there is an 18500 as well… that site could use some work. I believe that listing is for the mod itself, no atomizer. This will be revisited.



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