Magneto Mod by Smoktech, $40 Shipped, Edit: Price Jump

Here is a mod that everyone has heard about, the Magneto by Smoktech. Some people call this a clone, others will vouch for it saying it is a true original. Either way it is a nice mechanical mod that performs really well. The Nzonic mod is very similar in design. They are the same in the way that both mods have magnetic switches and a similar telescopic design. The Magneto has been a very popular mod lately causing many stores to sell out, especially if it was under $40.

Its a grower, not a shower.

Its a grower, not a shower.

I own one of these, it was one of my first mech mods. I think its great. Sure new mods have come along that have some more desirable features, but there is something nice about the Magneto. Maybe it is the fact it telescopes and will accept any battery with a kick. Maybe it is because it has nice laser engraving, a reverse threaded locking switch and magnetic button. It could even be the adjustable 510 pin and no nonsense battery connector. I honestly don’t know why I’ve always liked this mech so much. You can even adjust the throw of the switch from spongy to crispy. Ok it’s the button. I do have a couple dislikes about this mod while I’m at it. It is big, longer than other mechs in the same configuration, this is because the switch chamber is rather large. Also it is made by Smoktech. This is probably the only product I actually like from Smoktech, they tend to sell some questionable mods out there. Either way, for the price you get a nice mech with a great track record and tons of features.

Spiderman approved.

Spiderman approved.

Here is what Congrevape has to say about it:

  • Adjustable Center Pin
  • Two vent holes located on tube
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Finish
  • Fully Magnetic Switch: Offers longer life than spring loaded switches
  • 510 Threaded with air channels offer compatibility with flush sitting tanks
  • Lockable fire button
  • Brass connections for better conductivity
  • Telescopic: Fits 18350, 18500 and 18650 LiMh batteries
  • “Kickable” with 18350 and 18500 Flat Top batteries
  • Dimensions with 18350: 3-3/8″L x 7/8″D
  • Dimensions with 18650: 4-3/8″L x 7/8″D

Get yours here:


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