Coming Soon: The Helios Quad Terminal RDA Clone

I was browsing around new releases and came across a new find from EHpro. The Helios RDA featuring 4 terminals. I love the design of this dripper and it will probably be the next RDA I buy. I recently got myself an Igo w-3 and was rather frustrated trying to build a quad coil. With the Igo there are 4 negative posts and only 1 positive, I had a lot of trouble trying to get 4 coils through the small hole in the positive post. With the Helios design there is a split to the center post so you can attach two coils to each of the positive terminals making building a lot easier.

The posts look like an excited robot

The posts look like an excited robot

This alignment of the posts on this atomizer make changing cotton very easy as well. I prefer to have the posts in line so I can string 1 piece of cotton through the coils and not have bends all over the atomizer. I’ll admit the Helios certainly isn’t winning any beauty contests, but it does sure look tough. Remember to make sure you have suitable batteries and testing equipment to build quad coils. They can be very dangerous without the proper precautions.

Looks innocent enough

Looks innocent enough

I wouldn’t be surprised to see this atomizer showing up in stores in January, that all matters if they ship before the Chinese New Year. I’d say expect a retail price of $20-$30 and the first wave should sell out.



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