The Foggatti T22 Hybrid Clone $35.57

Here is a real eye catcher. Fasttech has a clone of the Foggatti T22 which normally costs around $370 and clone pricing brings it down to $35.57. Hybrids are not too common, maybe a dying breed. Speaking of dying breeds this is a Genesis atomizer, from a company that hasn’t made too much noise lately. Everyone knows about the Foggatti T22, for a while it was considered one of the best rebuildables you could get. Personally I have never seen them in stock, and wouldn’t be able to afford one if they were.

Science has made the atomizer and battery tube into one

Science has made the atomizer and battery tube into one

In case you couldn’t tell I am not very thrilled about this mod. It does have dual posts and two holes in the deck for stainless steel mesh dual coil action, and that worries me. This mod only includes the 18350 battery tube, and 18350 batteries are safe with coils down to .8 ohms. A dual coil at .8 ohms is pretty big and maybe even a bit counter productive. I’d rather see this mod ship out with an 18650 tube for safety reasons. Also Fasttech is not giving all the details about the materials here. The clones tend to have a lot of chromed brass parts when they don’t specify. They also do not specify what the materials are for the pin or the spring. I usually assume the worst when they withhold that info.

That juice well!

That juice well!

I gotta admit it does look great. That deck looks like it would be sweet for a dripper. The laser engraving and design look like a 1:1 copy of the original. I’d love it if they came out with an 18650 version with say maybe a Kayfun style atomizer… that would make my day. Here is what Fasttech says about it:

  • Stainless steel 510 drip tip
  • Genesis style atomizer
  • Single air hole located on the top cap
  • Glass tank section
  • 2.5mL juice capacity
  • Adjustable center pin and post
  • Laser engraving logo on the body
  • Bottom spring-loaded firing button
  • Hoses single 18350 battery (batteries sold separately)
  • Main Material: stainless steel (minor parts may be made in non-SS) + Glass (tank section)

Get yours here


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