Vaultz Vape Case!!! $8.84. Update, In Stock $5 shipping

Edit: Amazon changed the price right after I posted this. I suggest waiting til the price drops again, they should come back in stock, but at $24 it is steep. Walmart now is listing this for $8.84, but with $5 shipping. Still a pretty good deal.

Here’s something new, I’m posting a vape case. I’ve actually been waiting to post this for quite a while but it has been out of stock… Until now! The hardest to find store in the world, has the Vaultz “Medicine” case for under $9 (prime). Just what the doctor ordered.

This doesn't look like vaping gear...

This doesn’t look like vaping gear…

All you gotta do is put some velcro on some battery cases and….

Yes I'll admit I take this to work.

Bam! Yes I’ll admit I take this to work. I use the crude + marks to know which batteries are full

I might have gotten this case for $7 when I bought it before, but since then it has been sold out at Amazon and Walmart. This is the first time it has been back in stock and under $10. This new model also features a combination lock for you paranoid cloud chasers out there. I took out the original zip up bag and threw in a headphone case to hold my drip tips and atomizer spare parts. I can’t emphasize what a good deal this is though. I started with an Ego case and was always worried about the contents. Not in this bad boy. Here you got space for multiple mods, days worth of batteries and all the accessories and rebuilding supplies you could need. This case is rather tough, I wouldn’t say bullet proof, but my work bag has a lot of tools and electronics in it, and I don’t give my mods a second thought all day.

Get yours here:


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