Turtle Ship Mod Clone $31.99 In Stock

Here is the latest in maritime mods the Turtle Ship aka Geobukseon. This is made my Rj Mods of UVO Systems and was cloned by some Chinese guy in Shenzen. I’m going to guess that this was put together by Tobeco since they have been advertising this mod on their site for some time now. This is now in stock at a U.S. vendor who has once again beaten Fasttech and the other Chinese sites to the release of the latest mod.

I bet it translates to Turtle Ship...

I bet it translates to Turtle Ship…

This mod is pretty standard as far as tube mods go nowadays. Here you get a stainless steel mod with brass contacts. The delrin insulator is adjustable which is a nice plus. That means you can use a button top or flat top battery of any 18000 size variety and make it into a snug fit without a rattle. The 510 pin is adjustable which will help you switch atomizers without any fuss. Lastly there is a locking ring. All pretty standard really.

Notice this mod has a boat on it

Notice this mod has a boat on it

This is the latest in Korean mods which have been very popular lately. Personally I don’t think this mod has anything to really make is stand out in the crowd. The battery tubes are pieced together, I’d rather it be 3 full tubes. The contacts are brass, I’d prefer silver coated contacts. Other than that, it is a tube with some laser engraving. Somebody has to be excited about this release, the original mod is sold out in most stores at $180. Here you can very close to the real thing for 1/5 of the price.

Pick yours up at 101 vape: http://101vape.com/mods/199-turtle-ship-mod-clone.html $31.99 + $1.99 shipping.


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