The Russian 91% In Stock

One of the users over at ERF brought this to my attention. The Russian 91% is in stock and ready to ship from a US vendor. I personally own two of these and I think they are top class when it comes to a nice and portable all day atomizer. The Russian 91% is basically a media blasted Kayfun Lite with air flow control. The R91 also features an adjustable 510 pin for those difficult mods out there.

Comes with a nice little set of accessories

Comes with a nice little set of accessories

This atomizer is great on so many levels. Anyone who has been reading my site would know that I love Kayfun style atomizers and the Russian 91% has become my favorite iteration in my collection. Personally I think this atomizer could do without the media blasted finish. Finding a mod with that silver textured finish can be difficult. So far the popular choice is the Atmizoo Dingo, and they make a very nice combo together.

Thanks /u/CWagner

Thanks /u/CWagner

Since I can not afford to buy a Dingo for my Russian… That sounds weird, I polished one of my R91’s and brushed the other. It is a very easy process that can be completed in under 30 minutes with a dremel. Aesthetics aside, this is an excellent RBA that Kebo has made.

Thanks Mark for the heads up over at ERF, you can pick your Russian 91% up here: There generally aren’t price breaks on this atomizer since the manufacturer has set a minimum retail price.


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