The Magma RDA By Paradigm $115

The Magma RDA has some nice styling and some new concepts that make it look like a very promising RDA. Start with a 22mm dual post RDA. Now dig down and give it a massive juice well. They say it holds about 40 drops, that’s almost .80ml by my calculations. Thats almost not a dripper at all. I think the styling is very industrial and cool looking. Paradigm says this RDA is intended for dual or quad coils.

That Magma is so hot right now

That Magma is so hot right now, fully equipped with a Crater Drip Tip

Besides the massive reservoir on this RDA the deck also has a nice touch. The posts are positioned to leave minimal distance between the bottom fed air intake and the coil. This deck reminds me a lot of the Aqua atomizer’s design. Sure it’s not the most space efficient design, but the flavor is damn good. You get nice airflow on this with the option to select dual 3mm air holes, making this airier than lots of drippers out there as well. Paradigm went ahead and buried the insualtors to prevent melting. Another design choice that I like is the absence of any o-rings. By removing the o-rings the designers over at Paradigm are looking to minimize maintenance and upkeep. I think if you don’t mind the size, there can be great potential for this (big) RDA.

One of the more flattering pics I could find

One of the more flattering pics I could find

Here is what Paradigm is saying about it:

  • 304 surgical grade stainless steel
  • 22mm Wide – standard size of MOD’s to make it look “flushed”
  • Two 3mm wide poles (Screw type – shoot and screw) easier to rebuild and better conductivity
  • New technology – dual DIRECT TO COIL airhole (around 1.5mm away from coils) for maximized flavor and vapor
  • External airflow selection (1mm, 2mm, 3mm), options for single or dual airhole – for ease of use
  • Extended juice basin – can hold up to 40 drops of juice with minimal chance of leakage (for a dripper)
  • Poles are welded to the base for durability
  • Positive insulator hidden in the base to avoid melting
  • O-ring less – to make it maintenance free
  • Dome chamber top cap for better flavor

The Magma Atomizer is currently in stock at The Vape Lair for $115:

For anyone wondering, that is the Crater drip tip from Paradigm as well. It is available for $22, currently a preorder here: It should ship any day now…


4 thoughts on “The Magma RDA By Paradigm $115

  1. kyle

    Have ran multiple setups on my magma, and all performed with intense flavor and warmth with minimal spit back. This thing is by far the best dripper design out there, and it has some of the laziest finishing on the machining. Its a little rough around the air holes, seems like its easy to misthread the top cap, etc. But A+ design and performance especially with cotton wick. No to adjustable 510 pin question. Maybe wait for clones/be forced to due to low availability. Buy one somehow, you will be impressed!


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