Red O-Rings $20, Aqua Atomizer Clone Included

Fasttech has added another Aqua atomizer to their line up and this one looks to be the HCigar version. I am assuming it is based off the Alibaba photos and simply because the Tobeco one is different. I am still more than happy with mine and ordered one of these up, because the one I got has been so good to me.

Two drip tips!

Two drip tips!

I am happy this one includes the second drip tip. This one will also hopefully have a better fit to other drip tips. I was surprised by the price drop, this one is even cheaper than the Tobeco one that Fasttech got in at the start of the weekend.

Silver coated pins!

Silver coated pins!

As if it couldn’t sound any better the pins in this model are silver coated, both of them. It is nice to also get the hybrid pin included with the purchase. I know some people were upset that the first one didn’t include the pin, even tho the Chi-You pins fit, not everyone has those sitting around.

Here is what Fasttech has to say about it:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Two different style drip tips
  • 4 wicking channels
  • Laser engraving ‘AQUA’ logo
  • Unique serial number
  • Silver plated brass contacts(insulated)
  • Hybrid connector pin for the Origin mod
  • Air flow control system
  • 510 connection with adjustable pin
  • Red o-rings on the base
  • 21mm diameter
  • Comes with some spare parts

Get yours here


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