Kayfun Lite Plus Clone In Stock $31.99

101vape gets a lot of mentions here. It is probably because they are usually the first U.S. store to get most products in, and they have really low prices. I just posted a preorder of this atomizer, but now you can get yours even faster.

A proper Kayfun Lite Plus clone

A proper Kayfun Lite Plus clone

This Kayfun Lite Plus clone is made by Tobeco. I have very mixed feelings for Tobecco products. I’ve had some good and some bad experiences with their atomizers. The Kayfun Lite clone I ordered from overseas is absolute garbage. The Aqua atomizer is excellent, so you never really know what you are going to get from them.

Accommodates all drip tips

Accommodates all drip tips

I have a small gripe about the product presentation at 101vape and that became apparent when my Aqua atomizer appeared to be missing parts. They will list a product for weeks without adding any details. In a way you are forced to buy products blindly from them. With this atomizer it is unclear whether or not you will get a clear tank section. The other vital piece of information is the materials used in the deck. Some Kayfun clones have been sold with chromed brass in the deck, and that is highly unfavorable.

On a positive note, this is a legit clone of the Kayfun Lite Plus. You can see the bottom of the atomizer with the two screw holes. The larger one is the improved and recessed fill hole. The other is the air flow control which is a new feature of the Plus. All in all the price is right, and if you have other Kayfuns lying around I’d bet money that you can use the tanks from those.

Get yours here for $31.99 + 1.99 shipping. http://101vape.com/rebuildable-atomizers-tanks/180-kayfun-lite-plus-clone.html



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