Preorder: Innovape Pyrex Drip Tips $32-34

Drip tips are a dime a dozen. Some have a little nook on one side, a nice bevel around the base, maybe one or two o-rings, maybe some laser engraving, and sometimes a bit of insulation. It takes a lot to stand out in this field, and Innovape has got the right idea. There aren’t many drip tips that can be recognized from across a room, but these surely will be.

Great now I can break drip tips too

Great now I can break drip tips too

The detail is awesome. There’s some nice cuts around the base leading up to the unmistakable slanted pyrex top. I was already a fan of the exhaust style drip tips and this one is making my wallet tremble. The slits in the base of the tip aren’t just for looks. They function as a heat sink, and the slits increase the surface area to dissipate the heat faster. I haven’t even gotten to the best part.

Looks great in concept

Looks great in concept

It comes in brass! Finally my brass mods have a suitable topper. All 3 designs have an option for a brass or stainless steel base. This is an excellent solution for the vapers out there worried about vaping off of brass. The reasoning behind the concern is the composite of the brass. If brass contains lead in it, you can get lead poisoning, and we all know how that worked out for the Romans.

The steel capped version

The steel capped version

The site is not very clear on whether the capped version will have a steel or brass cap. Here is what Vaporlabs has to say about it:

  • Unique Heat Sink Design Base
  • Capped Look On Top Of Tip To Give The Tip A Unique Look
  • Flame Treated Pyrex Glass To Ensure Durability and Strength.
  • O-Ring Is Positioned Toward Bottom Of The Base To Ensure Support and Stability.
  • Available In Brass and Stainless Steel.


You can get yours here

They are all currently priced on sale from $32-34.00 with a listed retail of $41-45.00. Expected delivery is 2-3 weeks.


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