Kayfun Lite Plus Clone Preorder Available, only $30.00

I had to read this twice to make sure I got the price right. The prices at Ultravaping are usually higher than most other stores, but this is a very low price for a Kayfun clone, or even the newest iteration of one, especially from a U.S. vendor. I love Kayfuns of all shapes and sizes, the Plus model is the newest body style and has a few minor improvements over the original Lite. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it is the Tobeco version since they are the only company I’ve seen offering the full plastic body and the plastic tank/metal body combos, and that matches this offer. The photos from Ultravaping are glorified thumbnails so they don’t reveal much.

A photo for ants

A photo for ants courtesy of Ultravaping.com

I would post a larger photo, but the lack of details make it impossible to find a better pic. The configuration shown above is a new stock offering. I’ve heard people say the model from Fasttech is the KFL+ but it isn’t. The Plus features an updated base from the original.

Cloud9 doing photos right. Note: This is not the featured product!

Cloud9 doing photos right. Note: This is not the featured product!

The above photo illustrates the new features of the Kayfun Lite Plus. Notice the recessed fill hole. This new design is to ease filling the atomizer, and supposedly does not require a syringe to be filled. I never like looking like a junkie filling up my atomizer, but I have already settled on top-filling mine. The second noticeable difference is the air flow control managed by the screw near the Svoe Mesto logo. I’ve heard complaints that the screw can get in the way of a flush mount, or scratch a mod. If you are going to have the screw that loose I suggest removing it.

The smallest atomizer in the world holds 4.5ml...

The smallest atomizer in the world holds 4.5ml…

This atomizer is available in two finishes. One with a plastic top, with a sectioned tank portion. The other has a metal top, and a full m-tank style design. Both are in frosted finishes. This atomizer is expected to ship 1/17/14, that usually means you can expect to receive yours 1-2 weeks later.

You can get it here http://www.ultravaping.com/product-p/h-ta-chkayfunplus.htm


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