Bagua 14500 Clone $17.57

I’m hoping more of these mods start to be released. So far this is the most popular low cost 14500 mechanical mod I’ve seen. For less than $20 you can shrink down the size of your mods to something more resembling an Ego. This mod is 17mm wide and goes best with a mini (slim) atomizer, the Taifun GS is the only rebuildable pressurized atomizer that has been cloned in this size. I’ve seen photos of the Kayfun 2.1 clone floating around and hopefully that hits stores sometime soon, I think the Svoe Mesto original is a bit too expensive for what I would use as a novelty.

The largest hand in the world

The largest hand in the world

The details are a little foggy around this mod. I see one site saying it comes with a magnetic switch. From the pictures the pin looks brass and adjustable. There’s proper battery ventilation and did I mention that it is small?

Symbols guarantee good fortune

Symbols guarantee good fortune

14500 mods can be dangerous. The batteries do not handle as much output as other batteries. I would suggest an IMR battery and making sure the coil is at least 1.2 ohms. In addition to having a lower max discharge, 14500 batteries also have lower capacity. Most 14500 IMR batteries I have come across are 600 mah. A setup with this mod is a great example of form over function.

You can get one here Shipping is a couple dollars depending on what option you choose.




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