Review: The Aqua Atomizer Clone by Tobeco

Ordering this atomizer was a no-brainer for me. I’ve been waiting for an affordable alternative Kayfun style atomizer and the Aqua by UVO Systems clone popped up on a US based shop for $29.99. If this atomizer was any more expensive I probably would have held out, but for just a few dollars more than most Kayfun clones I couldn’t resist. Just a couple days after placing my order for the Tobeco Aqua at 101vape, my Tobeco Kayfun Lite clone showed up from overseas. I’m not going to ramble on about how bad Tobeco’s Kayfun lite clone is, but it made me very worried for the Aqua Atomizer. Luckily I was in for a surprise.

Standard packaging, nothing to write home about here.

Standard packaging, nothing to write home about here.

   First Impressions

The atomizer arrived in a standard bubble wrapped Tobeco cardboard box with a magnetic flap. Initially I was slightly disappointed in the contents of the package. There was no red o-rings (deal breaker,) no secondary drip tip and worst of all… no hybrid pin. 101vape has already updated the product listing stating that anyone who ordered before will be receiving a hybrid connector free of charge. Also Josh from E-CIG RBA FANS says the pin from the Chi-You fits perfectly. Luckily I have a couple of those clones sitting around gathering dust. Upon arrival this mod was surprisingly clean. Besides a little black industrial smudge in the drip tip and threadings, this mod barely needed any scrubbing. Personally I hate silica wicks and as per usual I immediately ripped out the shoddy dual coil silica build, threw it in the trash and tossed the disassembled mod into rubbing alcohol to soak. Once the atomizer was properly sloshed I dried it off and had my way with it.

Right out of the package

Right out of the package

I give it a 4.0/10, particularly for missing parts

Build Quality

After the Tobeco Kayfun Lite clone left a bad taste in my mouth I was prepared for disappointment. Counter to my expectations the build quality is excellent. The steel has a nice and even brushed finish that is consistent throughout the atomizer. The holes are all neatly drilled out with no excess material. The threading is as smooth as can be, making the air flow and fill cap very easy to adjust.

Fully stripped down

Fully stripped down

Every part has an excellent fit. The atomizer feels very solid when fully assembled. I would go as far to say the build quality rivals my authentic Kayfun Lite. This atomizer feels tough, and I wouldn’t be real worried about dropping it, it gives me the impression that it can take a beating. The only minute concern is the well for the drip tip. It is a bit too big for most drip tips to have a secure fit, although the stock drip tip does fit it perfectly.

I give it a 9.0/10


This will make or break an atomizer. There are some relatively ugly atomizers out there that have excellent performance and in many cases performance can redeem their less desirable qualities. Being the first dual coil Kayfun style atomizer, I had some very high expectations. My mind is blown, this RBA is a true standout. It is even better than I hoped. Having recently jumped on the multi-micro-coil bandwagon I was not going to settle for a single coil in this RBA.

The RBA in its natural building habitat. Dual micro 28 awg with 8 wraps at 2mm for .63 ohms.

The RBA in its natural building habitat. Dual micro 28 awg with 8 wraps at 2mm for .63 ohms.

I noticed something while building and attaching my coils… This RBA does not require any tools at all! The posts are made up of some nicely machined thumb screws that can easily be tightened by hand. It was really easy to attach the coils without a screw driver in hand. Placing the cotton wick went easily as well. I just slammed it through the coils then jammed it into the juice wells and closed up the chamber. The 510 pin is adjustable which is a nice touch for those finicky mech mods out there.

Yup that's a pin

Yup that’s a pin

The design of this mod made filling it a breeze. I went ahead and measured the capacity. After priming the wick, I was able to fit 1.6 ml of juice into the tank. The atomizer’s capacity and steel tank are probably the two biggest drawbacks of the design.

I especially appreciated that I didn’t have to hold a finger over the air intake during filling. I Just screwed down the steel tank to seal off the air flow, filled the tank from the top, closed it, flipped it and opened the air flow. I noticed that the holes in the top cap make the lid very easy to grip. It was ready to vape. I had set high expectations and this atomizer exceeded them all. Right off the bat I was getting amazing flavor and massive clouds. The flavor was every bit as good as a dripper, and the warm vapor temp resembles one as well. I haven’t been able to put this atomizer down. I already prefer it to the Russian 91. If it wasn’t for the 18650 form factor to accommodate the sub ohm coil I would undoubtedly shelve all my other atomizers. I have vaped over 5 tank loads in this RBA and can’t complain at all.

I give it a 8.5/10, with higher capacity and a clear tank it would be very close to a 10.


This atomizer is not destined to win beauty pageants, although it does display excellent craftsmanship. To be honest the drip tip is one of the uglier designs I have seen. The polished finish on the drip tip clashes with the brushed finish on the rest of the atomizer. The shape resembles an awkwardly tall top hat. The drip tip is also very thin, I’m sure it would eventually shatter my front teeth if I kept using it so I opted to use my Chi-You drip tip from Fasttech. I would have preferred the alternate drip tip that the UVO made Aqua comes with.

The 21mm width looks slightly awkward on most mods

The 21mm width looks slightly awkward on most mods

I wish there was a 22mm version of this mod so I wouldn’t be required to use the Origin mod for a flush fit. The laser engraving on this mod is very high quality, but is off from the original. The font is off, and there is a small difference in the symbol above it. I always dislike when a mod puts a 4 digit serial for a 3 digit number, mine is 0814. Having the 0 in front of the serial just reminds me that this is a clone and there are thousands of these made. Since this is a clone I can’t really complain about that. The stickler in me wishes this had the red o-rings on the inside. Even though they are never really seen, I would sleep better at night knowing they were there.

I give it a 7/10

Overall Value

I ordered this RBA from 101vapes where it came to $31.99 shipped. That is a very low price for a rebuildable atomizer (clone) from a store in the U.S. I would not hesitate to buy another. This atomizer is specially designed to be the first dual coil pressurized rebuildable atomizer and it is excellent for the price. Out of the box I didn’t have to make any major adjustments, no drilling or polishing. This RBA was quick to set up and has performed flawlessly so far. I recommend this to anyone that is a fan of the Kayfun and wants to make bigger clouds, or even just an airier draw.

Glowing with potential

Glowing with potential

The run down:

  • Excellent threading and a breeze to build
  • Really nice airy draw with clouds of vapor
  • Handles any kind of wick for any kind of vaper
  • Easy to fill, albeit low 1.6ml capacity
  • Alternate drip tips fit loose and the stock one is a drag
  • Laser engraving is nice and deep, but not perfect
  • Tough and sturdy, I doubt I will break it soon
  • No leaks, nice seals, and no red o-rings

A Solid 9/10 overall

I got mine from for $31.99 shipped. They are constantly going in and out of stock.


8 thoughts on “Review: The Aqua Atomizer Clone by Tobeco

  1. Vineyard Vapes Post author

    Thanks for the feedback! I plan to keep the reviews coming… eventually I’ll have to review the less favorable products, but that isn’t nearly as much fun.

  2. piotr

    great description. covers for what is vital and above all it helped me to make up my mind with regards to a stress free purchase of this device. cheers Mate.

  3. Jason Dunn

    I just received my brass Origen clone earlier today and I love it! I’ve been using my aqua all day every day since I got it as well. Both pieces are incredible. (Side note, my brass clone, serial number-576 lol)

  4. Kip Fulton

    I just got my HCigar version of the Origin (S/N:106 without the leading 0)/Aqua (S/N: 0489 Dohh!) running in hybrid mode and it looks awesome, the performance is great but how to stop it from leaking? I filled it with everything closed, longer wicks that extend donw into the bottom channels?

    1. Vineyard Vapes Post author

      I use cotton and press it into the 4 channels and run it all the way to the base. The trick when filling it is not to over fill it. I usually stop filling where the chamber becomes a straw. Then I twist the cap on halfway. I then flip the atomizer, count to 5, then open the air channel. Then I close the top (still upside down.) If you do it perfectly the top will actually tighten on while you open the air channel. Hope that helps.


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