The Ithaka RBA Clone $20.76

I always post about Kayfun and Genesis style atomizers so here is something else, the Ithaka. I decided to write about this, because it is a different style of atomizer. This uses a ceramic dish to encase and separate the coil from the frame. Well how does that work? There is a dish, or tube of ceramic that holds the coil, and the coil is attached directly to the frame of the atomizer without using the traditional screw terminals. In order to run the distance of the atomizer and properly create the circuit there is a requirement of a coil (or 2) with Non resistant legs. The non resistant wire has no resistance (duh) and this carries the current to the center of the ceramic dish where the coil rests. There are many methods of combining resistance and non resistance wire, all of which I found equally frustrating.

A big and tough 4 ml atomizer... This one really is for advanced users

A big and tough 4 ml atomizer… This one really is for advanced users

The styling of the Ithaka is excellent. This atomizer with it’s detailed engineering and unique design has been cloned by just about every clone manufacturer out there. These used to run around $50 for the clone and around $200 for the real thing. The vape on these is highly adjustable with many options like single or dual coil, adjustable air flow, adjustable juice flow, and accompanies any kind of wick.

There are roughly twice as many parts when you really assemble it.

There are roughly twice as many parts when you really assemble it.

In my opinion this atomizer is more of a project than it is a “simple rebuildable.” Regular Kayfun users or genesis users will probably not get the build right the first time. You’re hands will dry out and crack, combining the res/nr wires will make you bleed, and you will begin to question your sanity. This is not the starting place for rebuildables, but if you love to tinker and fix things… well look no further! These provide a great vape once all is said is done. The vape is mostly affected by the feeling of accomplishment which makes up about 45% of the flavor of an RBA.

You can get one here

Don’t forget that this requires non resistant wire such as nickel or silver in addition to the kanthal. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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