Presenting The Euphoria By Drop Mods $220

Here is a real eye catcher. Drop Mods, the makers of the highly replicated Ikarus mod now have the Euphoria available. This is the first I’ve seen of this mod and it has some curves to really set it apart from the rest.

The biggest stock photo I could find!

The biggest stock photo I could find!

Train your eyes and you can see some nice flat facing for grip worked into the spiral design of this mod. I never knew mods could be certified, but this one is! It’s got Titanium Antracite with papers to back up it’s claims. The body is steel, the post and button are brass, and the locking ring is titanium coated gold. This mod ships in 18500 mode, I do not see other options available. The vent holes are hidden on this mod to preserve the design. I can’t wait to find out more about this.

Looks fast

Looks fast

This mod is already available at a few retailers and a few members of the community have got their hands on one. According to Smokefreesource there are only 200 of these available in the world, so don’t sleep on the decision to buy one.

I snagged this pic off of /u/nugtrio

I snagged this pic off of /u/nugtrio

Here is what they have to say about it:

– Mechanical Mod with a 23mm Diameter
– Body made out of T304 Stainless Steel
– Titanium Coating Antracite with Certifications
– 510 Connection
– Air Flow Control (AFC)
– AFC in Titanium Coating GOLD
– Euphoria Logo engraved onto the Tube
– Logo engraved into button switch
– Brass Center Post (better conductivity)
– Brass Screws & Button Switch
– Excellent Impact & Resistance
– Hidden Vent Holes for Security Cell
– Locking ring for safety
– Titanium Coated GOLD Locking Ring
– Firing Button strong enough to support FULL 18490/500 setup
– Button Switch does not require screw for mounting

Get yours at

Happy New Year!


4 thoughts on “Presenting The Euphoria By Drop Mods $220

  1. Joe

    I picked one up at SFS a couple days ago and they only had a few left. the build quality is superb and i love the fact that it doesnt look like every other mod on the market. I did find the fact that it was only a 18490/500 mod a bit off putting because i had to buy more batteries (I am a 18650 guy) over all I am happy with the purchase and if in fact there are only 199 in the world i would bump that up to being thrilled.

  2. Vineyard Vapes Post author

    You’re a lucky guy. It is sure to become one of those “unicorn” mods. I have a couple 18500 batteries and I never use them so I know how you feel.

    Happy New Year!

    Edit: I forgot to ask, did yours come with any certifications? I’ve been wondering if they would present you with it.

    1. Joe

      Yeah, it came with a certificate of authenticity. It’s just printed on card stick. In my opinion the Spit Fire King Certs are nicer. I have reached out to Drop Mods via their Facebook to find out if the production number that SFS put up is correct, but still waiting to here back. I will keep you posted.


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