Geobukseon Turtle Ship Mod Clone In Stock! $29.99

It seems the clones are coming out faster than ever. I remember waiting months and months after seeing a preview of a clone until it actually became available. Now they are coming out weeks after they pop up on the manufacturer’s sites. The newest one to be cloned is the Geobukseon Turtle Ship Mod by RJ Mod.

Very solid looking device

Very solid looking device

This mod follows the common design like the Nemesis, or Chi-you. You get a solid 18350 tube and 2 extenders for the longer batteries or a kick. This mod takes either flat top or button top batteries and has adjustable insulators to prevent battery rattle. I wish my Chi-you had that. The contacts in this mod are brass. You also get a standard spring loaded switch. I have already seen a vendor or two have ordered magnets to replace the springs in the buttons, those should be hitting shelves soon as well.

Nice engraving on this one

Nice engraving on this one


Contacts look brass here...

Contacts look brass here…Tobeco says it is copper.

This might not be the Tobeco version. Tobeco lists that their version has copper contacts, but you know how you can never believe those sites. Either way if you wanted a Turtle Ship mod clone, now is your chance to be one of the first.

Get it at



3 thoughts on “Geobukseon Turtle Ship Mod Clone In Stock! $29.99

  1. Josh

    LOOKS GREAT! Do you know if these are 21mm mods? (probably 22) Im trying to find mods besides the Origin to fit flush to the aqua 🙂

    1. Vineyard Vapes Post author

      From what I could find, both the Turtle ship and the Origin are 22mm… Hopefully the threads line up! My Aqua is sitting in my Po Box right now, gotta wait til morning to be able to pick that up. I’m excited to give it a shot.

    2. Vineyard Vapes Post author

      So far the only downside I’ve seen about the Origin is the 21mm width makes some batteries impossible to fit. You need to use the thinnest batteries you can find.


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