Aqua Atomizer Clear Tank $12

My ongoing concern for my incoming Aqua Atomizer Clone was the steel tank and my propensity to burn my cotton wicks. Luckily Congrevape was already searching for a solution. They now have a clear tank option for the Aqua Atomizer (clone or original) for only $12 shipped.

Looks clear to me!

Looks clear to me!

What else is there to say about this. It is cylindrical in shape… it is clear. It will fit your Aqua atomizer. It is made of PU plastic.

Probably not as pretty as a kayfun

Probably not as pretty as a kayfun

You can get yours at

They are expected to ship at 1/28/14. This should definitely reach the minimum.



4 thoughts on “Aqua Atomizer Clear Tank $12

  1. G.a.r.y (@BitSegments4U)

    Hey I’m sorry I sent a message a second ago about if a clear tank will work and where I could get one if so, well stupid here just had to look up a couple posts and their was the mention and now I’ve got it.
    Thanks and I just absolutely love your entire site, I sit here for hours seriously your darn brilliant and thankfully, well kind of would rather be working, I’m a retired disabled type and can spend my time just reading all and I mean all of your great work here, the Stingray I really like that and already scouting around for a deal on one and a Caravela, I’m not really a fan of the Chinese companies kind of want to support the US vendors but as time goes by it’s getting hard to do and some vendors are just to greedy.
    But thank you for this point in the right direction on this glass, well plastic, good enough as I have the Origin on the way and always thought this would look good and it does, Thank You again and keep it coming!!!

    1. Vineyard Vapes Post author

      Thanks for the kind words! I’m thankful that you enjoy the site, and I will keep the articles coming. The clear tank Aqua and Stingray clones are my current all day vapes, I switch to the Kayfun lite occasionally for larger capacity, but I really appreciate the dual coil on the Aqua. The clear tank is great to remove the guess work out of the juice level and it really vapes great. I also favor purchasing US products from US vendors, but as a full time worker, sometimes my money speaks louder than my morals.


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