The New Trident V2 Clone $20.00

The next RDA clone to hit shelves will be the Trident V2. The original was made by Grand Vapor and usually goes for $80, now the clone made by EHPro is available for 1/4 the price. The v1 Trident Clone is currently my favorite RDA. There’s many reasons to like the original and it seems the new version has made some significant improvements.

Its all about those posts

Its all about those posts

I find the post design of the Trident to be the best of any I tried. They have large slotted posts that you just lay the legs of the coil across the slot in the post and tighten the screw down. I recently build a quad coil into mine, and found it much easier than my earlier attempt at putting 4 coils in the Igo w-3. The airflow adjustments have also been reworked. You can see in the above picture that the air flow controls have been moved to a ring, rather than the whole siding of the atomizer. This would mean you won’t have to realign the air holes every time you want to open up the RDA and drip more.

The logo is "Special"

The logo is “Special”

Here’s what the site says about it:

  • – Easy Adjust for air holes
  • – Airholes adjust like prometheus
  • – Easy Twist and Turns
  • – Easier Top Cap Removal
  • – Better Insulators
  • – Stainless Steel
  • – Copper Positive
  • – 2 Adjustable Airflow Hole
  • – Twist-On Airflow Control
  • – 3 Pole
  • – Serialized

You can pick this up at

They also have a great deal on Nemesis/Chi You switch magnets as well, and it looks like they will carry magnets for all the new models coming out


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