Nemesis Mod Clone $21.00

Here’s  a quick and cheap deal. One of my favorite mods, the Nemesis Clone by Atmomixani is on sale for $21. This is a great price for the all steel version. Most stores have this mod at $29.99 and up. If you are willing to wait for China to ship a mod, this is the deal for you.

Can't go wrong with the Nemesis clone

Can’t go wrong with the Nemesis clone

The reason I love the Nemesis is because it is so simple. This mod features a silver plated positive pin which has negligible voltage drop. To use this mod you simply take the top cap off, screw down the atomizer and then tighten the silver pin and reassemble. No guess work involved, no tweaking for a flush mount, all of those issues are bypassed due to the simple pin design. I love the way this mod fires with the springs replaced by magnets. Luckily the magnets are readily available at many stores now.

Get yours here:

I should also mention there is a $14 Caravela clone and a $15 Kamry K101 available as well. View the sale page here



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