Poldiac V2 by MMVapors Now Available!

What a sneaky release. I hear about a new atomizer and find a new mod when I try to research it. The Poldiac V2 is now for sale at the MMVapors site. 

Much more solid looking

Much more solid looking

MMVapors has gone and solidified the trim on the classic Poldiac design. It doesn’t appear much has changed between models here. They have gone from ovals around the base to circles, and overall this creates a much smoother overall appearance. I am still looking for more details on the changes between the v1, and v2. What I have gathered so far is that they have upgraded the contacts. The v2 is said to have “Peek Ketron and Rhodium” contacts. They opted to use this over their classic silver contacts in the previous model. This model is the same size as the original, and seems to function the same way. 

The price is still the same as the first Poldiac, which is 150 Euros, or roughly $205. Currently only the Aname finish is available, but in all sizes. You can get one for yourself here http://mmvapors.com/page/default.asp?id=64&la=1&ctID=26&prID=367#.UrxKW_RDt8E


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