New Release: The Kanger AeroTank Clearomizer Preorder, $12

I don’t usually promote clearomizers unless I am talking to a new vaper looking to get started. When I do get new vapers started I always turn to Kangertech to provide a simple and easy atomizer solution. The Protank was originally my preferred clearomizer and it has been evolving all along. Now Kangertech has announced a preorder for the Kanger AeroTank, the newest release in their clearomizer offerings. I decided to stop and give this clearomizer a write-up since it does bring new features to the table, and doesn’t look bad at all.

Its all about the flow control

Its all about the flow control

This new AeroTank offers something new in the world of clearomizers and that is airflow control. How much control? We’ll have to wait and find out. The older Protanks got their airflow from a hole in the positive post. This is the only picture I’ve seen of the AeroTank yet, and no air flow hole is visible. A couple months ago the Aspire clearomizer made a large impact in the clearo market by introducing dual coil technology to their clearos. This new AeroTank also says it has a dual coil as well. The AeroTank will hold 2.5ml of e-liquid. Another interesting design change is the shape of the replaceable coils. It appears that Kangertech has reverted back to the older design of coils, and these look like they might even fit in the legacy models like the protank 1 or 2.

At $12 each with 2 coils included, these seem like a great deal. I might even have to pick one up for myself and see if these are getting close to rebuildables in the vape experience.

You can read Kangertech’s blurb about the release and preorder from


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