The Nemesis Clone, Now In Copper $49.95

Here is a new twist on probably the most popular clone on the market. The Nemesis Clone has been rebuilt, and now in copper. Some people would not call this particular mod a clone, there are some differences from this to the original. Besides the obvious copper finish, this version has no logos or markings. Kidney Puncher took a stance a few months ago and decided they didn’t want to disgrace Atmomixani and started selling their mods sans logos. There is some good to this. People looking to buy original Atmomixani Nemesis Mods will not confuse this clone for one. Some buyers do not like the angel of death that is depicted on the side of the Nemesis. Personally I don’t care for the logo either way, one of mine is almost worn off from all the polishing and it doesn’t bother me at all.

Nemesis "Clone" Preorder at Kindeypuncher

Nemesis “Clone” Preorder at Kindeypuncher

There is always the argument saying what I typically call a clone is really a counterfeit. I resort to the word clone because it is easier to spell and is commonly recognized by the industry. This mod truly does fall under the label of a clone, because it does not attempt to replicate the logos, serials or branding of the original.

Here is Kidneypuncher’s specs on the mod:

  • Silver Plated Adjustable Positive Post
  • No logo / No laser writing / No engraving
  • 510 connector
  • Can handle 18350 to 18650 battery sizes by swapping in/out various body pieces

You can preorder one here These are expected to ship 1/7/2014. This is one of the quicker preorders I have seen.

Merry Christmas!


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