Atmomixani Brings Out Some New Releases. The Anodized Nemesis Tubes and The Dome Atomizer

Where's my black atomizer?

Where’s my black atomizer?

I love my nemesis clones. I hope I can soon own an original, or the newest from Atmomixani. These guys are heavy hitters after releasing the nemesis mod. Now they are bringing 2 weapons to the table. Anodized aluminium tubes and… The Dome.

At $245 This costs way more than a nemesis mod.

At $245 This costs way more than a nemesis mod.

They’re hitting the market at both sides. In one hand I’m looking for anodized tubes to match the finish on the Dome. In the other I can’t rationalize spending $205 on a genesis atomizer, even if it has a hybrid connector. I can’t deny that it looks gorgeous. Just look at those posts, and laser engraving! I know this would look great on a brushed Nemesis, but I believe the genesis style atomizer is becoming dated. Just as more and more hybrid Genesis atomizers are being introduced to the market, I’m seeing all of them miss the point. Back in June I saw the Kayfun tearing its way into vaping vernacular. Now only a few atomizers have adjusted for the benefit of a pressurized bottom feeding RBA. I’ve built plenty of Genesis atomizers to know that steel is a pain to prep. Cotton takes me much less time and gives unsurpassed flavor. Since I’ve switched to cotton in August, I haven’t looked back.

Black is mostly sold out, sorry

Black is mostly sold out, sorry

For roughly $35 you can get yourself an aluminium anodized tube for your nemesis mod, (or clone.) These come in all the colors of unicorn farts and look excellent. I’m sure that the anodized tubes for the Nemesis will be hard to get in black or blue, but they are available at so many places.

Luckily both of these products are readily available.

Get your anodized aluminium tubes or Dome atomizer at


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