New Release, The Fatty V3 by Chris Creations Clone! $10.52

Fasttech is on a roll right now with atomizers. Here is their latest addition, the Fatty V3.

This RDA Is comfortable with it's self image.

This RDA Is comfortable with it’s self image.

This atomizer features a dual post design for mounting coils. The screw terminals have some nice looking knurled screws that look very easy to work with. The Fatty is rather unique when compared to other drippers, in part because of it’s air flow system. The air enters the atomizer from the center of the dish, rather than the sides like other atomizers.

Fatty drip tip included!

Fatty drip tip included!

Here is what Fasttech says about it:

  • Dripping atomizer
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Threaded top cap
  • Laser engraving ‘Chris Creations’ logo
  • Chromed brass posts
  • Liquid reservoir located on the deck
  • Bottom fed air flow control
  • Comes with some spare parts

You can get yours here Currently shipping next day!


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