A Favorite From 6 Months Ago… The Empire Clone $16.00

Six months ago this was the goto answer for cheap starter mechs. This no nonsense inexpensive mechanical mod gets the job done with little fuss. The details are very bland on this mod everywhere I look. Kamry has built a telescoping “metallic” mod. This accommodates all 18000 battery sizes. It has a locking ring to prevent unwanted firing. It has both 510 and ego threading for all atomizer types. Beyond that it doesn’t have much else. I can’t find a description of the firing pins, beyond that they are brass.

3 colors available

3 colors available

All you see is included, even a carto!
All you see is included, even a carto!

It is a very cheap mod and from what I hear it works great. Personally I think the Nemesis is the ultimate cheap and easy clone, but this is definitely cheaper.

Get it here http://focalecig.com/Product/KeCig-K100-101-Mechanical-Rechargeable-E-Cigarette-Silver-11817


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