A Fan Favorite Clone Is On The Way, The Omega RDA

Everyone’s favorite clone producer HCigar is at it again. They have their eyes set on the very popular Omega RDA from Vapor Bombz. Personally I never understood the hype behind this atomizer. Maybe it is because of the sleek design? I think they look great, but I just don’t see what makes it so popular. It has a 3 post design, which is rather standard by now. Also there is adjustable air flow which is also pretty standard with RDAs.



The original Omega atomizer is made by one of my favorite designers, Loki Lab. This is the same place that makes my favorite drip tip. They manufactured the atomizer for Vapor Bombz. It costs $85.00 from either store.

I'm guessing... $10 starting price.

I’m guessing… $10 starting price.

The clone looks much like the original… Exactly like the original. There really isn’t much to say about a dripper, they are very simple devices. This one is made of stainless steel and it looks great, expect to see it soon.

Taking a look at the insides

Taking a look at the insides


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