Fuego by Vaping Kiko Designs, $169

This has been a hot mod lately. Vaping Kiko Designs has recently rolled out their second wave of Fuego mods and they are now available at Elite Vapes. The first batch went quickly and I just wanted to let people know it is available again.

Fuego means fire in some exotic language

Fuego means fire in some exotic language

2013-12-21 14_40_08-Fuego Mod - Elite Vapes

Fuego mod, crafted in the Philippines

This is a beautiful ensemble of Brass and steel with a tasteful logo, and of course a serial number for the diehards. This mod has copper pins which provide excellent conductivity. The mod is telescopic in design to accommodate all 18000 series batteries. The positive post has a floating 510 connection for no fuss atomizer connections. To close it out this mod also features a reverse threaded locking switch. A lot of vapers out there prefer reverse threading so you don’t end up removing the battery cover every time you want to lock the mod.

Here’s what Elitevapes says about it:

  • Fuego Mod
  • Stainless Steel and Brass
  • Telescopic Design
  • Accommodate 18650, 18450,1835 batteries
  • Engraved Logo
  • Serialized
  • Floating Positive Pins
  • Adjustable Negative Pin
  • 100% Pure Copper Positive and Negative Pins
  • Reverse Locking System
  • Build-IN 510 Connector

For the patient there is a preorder available at http://www.eltvapes.com/fuego-mod/

For the impatient you can get one at http://www.intaste.de/Battery-Mods/Pinoy-Mods/Fuego-Telescopic-Mod::2265.html for roughly $191




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