Presenting: The Lotus Atomizer $108

This is probably the most unique looking atomizer I have found yet. I love the shape and gold accents on this. There are a total of 4 posts for triple coil action.  The idea behind the unique shape of this atomizer is that a triangular air hole will provide better circulation within the atomizer. There is also a flavor control. I’m not sure who wouldn’t want to get better flavor from their atomizer, but you have the option to enhance yours.

There is nothing like it

There is nothing like it

Press Play

Press Play

Those grips!

Those grips!

Here’s what Congrevape says about it:

-New feature called Flavor Control
-Triangular AFC for better air intake circulation
-22.5 mm diameter
-The Lotus has 4 parts, the base, the top cap body, the AFC selector, and the threaded top cap thread for durability
-Made of 304 stainless steel and brass
-Peek and Torlon insulation
-Engraved name top and logo bottom
-Large juice well
-Mirror finished look

Get yours here:



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