Cheapest Ohm Checker Yet $10

There isn’t much to be said about these. They are designed to read how many ohms in resistance your atomizer coil is set at. You screw on the atomizer, flip the switch and it tells you the resistance. That’s all it does. No hidden features here. This one has a blue LED, but they all really look the same. Pop 2 AA batteries in this meter and you are good to go.

Ohm checker.

Ohm checker.

Here’s the specs:

  • Cartomizer Atomizer Resistance Tester (Ohm Meter)
  • Beautiful blue digital light
  • Material: ABS hard plastic
  • Accurate to +-0.2%
  • On/Off switch
  • powered by 2*AA batteries (not include batteries)
  • Threading: 510/808-D (Comes with a 510 to eGo adapter)
  • Resistance Test Range: 0.01-9.99 Ohm
  • Height 70 mm (2.72 inch)
  • Width 50 mm (1.93 in)
  • DEPTH 30mm (0.85 in)
  • Color: Black

Available now at


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