One Of My Favorite Mods, The Nemesis Clone, Now In Two Tone For $25.68

Vendors are just shoving this clone down our throats. First it was the steel version. Next came the brass. Now they’ve crossed them and made the two tone. For those familiar with the Vaperev edition Nemesis you might notice something a little off…

Now with 100% more beauty rings

Now with 100% more beauty rings

I am a little confused as to why there is a second beauty ring. It does not make the mod twice as beautiful. For some reason they decided to just throw another on there. They must have a warehouse full of them. This is very close to a 1:1 clone of the Vaperev edition. The only thing missing is the words “Vaperev” on the button. *Edit: Apparently the wings on the angel are slightly lower than usual…

The parts line up

The parts line up

Until I bought the Poldiac clone this was my favorite mod in my collection. Actually it was my favorite 3 mods in my collection. See back in my day they didn’t have no two tone option. You had to buy one steel and one brass and let nature take it’s course. I still love the silver plated positive post and how simple it is to get a secure connection on an atomizer. So whats next to come? My guess would be the anodized color tubes.

Don’t forget to add on a 10 pack of magnets to go with it for $2.40. These are brittle and kind of weak. It takes 3 magnets for a good resistance on the switch. I’ve already broken 6 in my clumsiness.

Here’s Fasttech’s specs on the mod:

  • Airflow control ring on top cap
  • Laser engraving logo
  • Adjustable 510 center pin
  • Unique serial number
  • Silver plated contacts
  • Bottom locking firing switch
  • 22mm overall diameter
  • Compatible with the Kick (Kicks sold separately)
  • Houses single 18350/18500/18650 battery (batteries sold separately)

Get yours here shipped in 3 days

Get magnets here

Read my magnet guide here


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