The Poordiac. The First Legitimate Clone of The MMVapors Poldiac Mod.

I was skeptical at first. There was my favorite mod, the Poldiac. Many vapers would refer to this mod as the current top of the class. The Poldiac features beautiful details, a magnetic push button switch, and near non-existent voltage drop. All these perks add up to a serious price tag. The base model will set you back $250. For your money you get the mod in whatever size you prefer. It will cost another $44 per battery tube+pant combo if you want another size as well. A complete Poldiac with all 3 size tubes will set you back almost $350. That is not cheap, but I’ve seen first hand that it’s performance is top notch. As far as I’ve seen in mechanical mods, it has yet to be topped. Sure you can go get yourself a Atmomixani Nemesis and get similar performance in a smaller package. You can even get a clone of the Nemesis and pay 1/5 of the price and get similar performance, but what happens when you try to clone the Poldiac?

Which one is it

Which one is it?

First Impressions

Consistent in my clone purchasing experience, the box looked nicer on the website. It really is nice though. Much nicer than say… The Chammer box or even an iPhone. The box has a nice magnetic flap that easily flips open to reveal the mod and its additional 18650 tube + 18500 extension. I learnt the brand Asmart from watching the new clone news and confirmed it with the label on the box. It didn’t look too pretty at first. There was a nick on the bottom. Fingerprints all over the tube. The boring in the ovals of the brass base were not properly punched through. This mod was as dirty as hobo money. Yet I haven’t even mentioned the 18500 “extension.” Note you do not get a full set of tube/pants for 18500’s included. It is a common tube extender like with other clone mods like the Chi-you or Nemesis. Lastly the brass finish was (and still is) rather inconsistent. I had to give mine a few times over with the ol’ polishing cloth and it still looks a little funny.

I give it a 5.5/10



Build Quality

Now is it’s time to shine, Vaperoyalty only had the polished silver finish available. I would have preferred a satin finish, but no worries I want to see how well it all goes together. I started off as I usually would with any subject, I took the pants off. Now these are some nice fitting pants. For anyone unfamiliar with the Poldiac build, it features “Pants” and a “Shirt,” this is part of what makes the mod unique. Notice in the above pic there is a separation in the bottom of the 18650 tube, what appears to be a button is actually two full size tubes. They have an amazing fit, really smooth slide between them. The same goes for the 18350 set. I can loosen up the bottom cap and spin it like I’m playing Russian roulette and the mod will still fire!

Serialized and sitting pretty

Serialized and sitting pretty

The amazing set of silver pins. Each silver pin consists of two parts. Each solid silver. Just like the original. They are reverse threaded. Just like the original. They are derlin insulated between the button connection… you get the drift. Even the spring in the base is silver, and you get a spare included! The button mechanics are spot on. Everything from the magnetic button press and the adjustable pin’s firing range are all excellent. The shirt (albeit a new design, I’ll get to that later) slides right around if I ever needed to lock the mod. I love the build quality overall.

The clone on the right is nearly identical to the original.

The clone on the right is nearly identical to the original.

Another shot showing the top side

Another shot showing the top side

I give it a 9.5/10


Indistinguishable from the original. The button fires very reliably. I can screw on any atomizer, and with a quick fiddle of the pin, it will fire. I’ve read other reviews that say the tubes are not interchangeable with the original, with my clone they are. I can use either of the two included tubes on the original poldiac and they fit perfect. The voltage drop is near non existent.

My fine craftsmanship was involved in this. That is my diy $4 voltage meter

My fine craftsmanship was involved in this. That is my diy $4 voltage meter

I can’t say enough good things about this, I am blown away. I’ve always been worried about mods with the switch on the bottom, because I walk with them in my pocket and become paranoid about it firing on me. Not with this one. It is so unlikely that something would prod my pocket and fully compress the firing switch, that I don’t even think about locking it. This button takes a nice intentional press to fire and I appreciate that. I love my nemesis clones, and I hate to say this, but this one has won me over. I haven’t used them since I got this, except for my drippers. Its been 2 happy weeks now and I can’t complain a bit.

I give it 10/10


The looks of this mod sure is swell. Until you put a real Poldiac next to it. There are noticeable differences. The original is significantly shorter. Now this is all relevant. Without an original Poldiac to compare to, it is unnoticeable. The overall difference is about 1.5mm. IMG_0430

The other noticeable issue is an inconsistency in the brass. The middle band of brass which makes up the button housing is a different consistency than the other two bands. You have to look pretty close to notice that though. Also the slits within the brass bands are a bit sharper than the original. This will make it gather a bit more grit from you hands. All that considered, it looks great. I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference from 5 feet away… Except for the shirt. The shirt on this mod has a design that currently is not sold by MMvapors. While they have used a solid shirt in the past, and currently have a slotted version, I can’t find anyone selling the grooved design at this time.

Clone on the left

Clone on the left

I give it a 9.5/10

Overall Value

This is not the cheapest clone there is. There is even another clone of the Poldiac available for a fraction of the cost, ($25 at multiple sites.) At $70 it is actually the most expensive clone I’ve bought to date. I don’t regret it one bit and I think it is worth every penny. I’ve never bought another clone that shipped with a magnetic switch and solid silver pins. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is second to none of my other clones. I would say at $70 this mod is a bargain.

18650 mode after some polishing

18650 mode after some polishing

In summary the nitty gritty:

  • Solid silver connections everywhere
  • Excellent threading and brass connectors
  • Solid insulation and battery vents
  • Adjustable pins to accommodate a variety of atomizers
  • Incredibly reliable firing action
  • 99% of the original design, slight subtle differences
  • Real eye candy, a true piece of art

A solid 9.5/10

You can get yours at For $69.99 when they come back in stock. These guys ship fast and have excellent customer service.


3 thoughts on “The Poordiac. The First Legitimate Clone of The MMVapors Poldiac Mod.

  1. Breon

    Hello, thanks for the awesome review.

    One quick question:

    Which section of the clone is longer than the original? I’ve been looking the pic and I can see the difference but can’t figure which part.

    Thanks, Breon

    1. Vineyard Vapes Post author

      Hey thanks for asking. As far as I can tell it is the lip of the bottom tube that holds the pants up. Maybe you can call that part the socks, but it is the battery tube. I will get a definite answer later today when I line up the clone and original again.

      1. Breon

        Awesome, thanks!

        Also, since it’s almost a 1:1 clone, are the parts interchangeable between the two?

        Thanks again

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