Caravela Vela Latina RBA And Drip Tip, Now $17.29

I’ll be honest here. This does not look like the best performing atomizer out there. To me it looks just like the old I-Atty from Fasttech which I had awful luck rebuilding. I had two of them, the first one I put a good 4 builds on it until the center post gave me issues. The second one the center post was threaded right off the bat. Now I might have purchased these when they produced a bad batch, but that was my experience. Personally I prefer bottom fed atomizers and a nice cotton build, but to each their own,

Looks great

Looks great

I’ve always loved the Caravela Vela Latina’s styling and am almost tempted to buy this on that merit alone. The drip tip alone is usually $10 at most shops, so this is a bargain any way you cut it.

Shiny and leaky looking

Sir your hat is on crooked

Here’s the specs from the site:

  • Genesis style tank
  • Single airhole located on the top cap
  • Laser engraving ‘Vela Latina’ logo
  • Polycarbonate tank
  • Chromed brass center post
  • Pre-assembled mesh
  • 21mm overall diameter

Ships in 3 days from


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