New Release: The Vanilla Mod in Copper and Brass

2013-12-12 12_30_15-Vanilla Full Mechanical Mod-Brass Edition - InTaste

The brass vanilla mech mod, from Smok-E Mountain


The copper fad continues. It seems now that every mod comes out in brass, and will continue progressing into copper. The Vanilla mod

Copper and Brass in stock at

Copper and Brass in stock at

The Vanilla Mod has always been a “no thrills” modest Pinoy mod in my opinion. It doesn’t feature any crazy button, no standout features or revolutionary design. Just pure a pure simple quality vape. I’ve always thought for the price there are more tastefully designed mods out there. This mod features separate tubes for each battery size, so you have to know what size battery you favor. A telescopic positive pin and copper contacts should ensure a nice and low voltage drop with a nice flush mount. Here’s a rundown on the features:

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Copper Pins
  • 18350 or 18650 Body (Please choose size option)
  • Telescopic Positive Pin
  • Adjustable Throw
  • Featherlite Switch
  • Lock Ring
  • Serialized and Engraved Switch
  • 22mm DIameter

You can get yours for 109.95 euros ($151) at:


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