Sigelei Ohm Meter $11

My original ohm meter is non functional, so I had to shop around for a new one today. I decided to go with the Sigelei Ohm Meter from Triangle Vape for $11. This Ohm Meter uses a USB connection and a 14500 battery for power. Since I have some 14500’s sitting around from my very old Vapage mod I think this is a great deal. Its nice to see these things for under $20 now, hopefully this one works, much unlike the old one I bought at Empire Mods. I tried to get them to replace the broken Ohm meter they sent me and they want me to mail the old one, and wait for them to test it. Screw that I’m not going to pay $7 to mail back a $15 ohm meter and wait for a response. Hopefully this (branded) new meter works out better,

Sigelei 14500 Ohm Meter

Sigelei 14500 Ohm Meter

Get yours here, mine was $13.58 shipped

Also the $7 Sony US18650VTC4 2100mah 30A are a great deal as well.


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