The Somewhat See-Through RDA, $3.88

Here we have a Nimbus clone rebuildable dripping atomizer. This model features a smokey Poly(methyl methacrylate) aka PMMA top cap. This is great for those neurotics that need to check on their coil between every drag. This is a triple post atomizer, and it uses the dreaded allen wrench posts. Ever since I bought a dripper that used those tiny allen wrench screws I swore I wouldn’t buy another, but for $3.88 I might be tempted.

Look into my atomizer...

Look into my atomizer…

Drip tip included!

Drip tip included!

Here’s what Fasttech had to say about it:

  • Dripping Atomizer
  • Stainless steel 510 drip tip
  • PMMA top cap
  • Single airhole located on top cap
  • Chromed brass posts
  • Triple-post system for single/dual coil build
  • Build using silica wick and wire
  • Double o-ring seals on bottom base
  • Height without drip tip: 32.7mm / 1.29″ (Approx.)

Ships in 5 business days:


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