Slow Deals Day, At Least The Kayfun Lite Plus Is Available

The newest rendition of the Kayfun line of rebuildable atomizers can be yours. I own a Kayfun Lite and love it. In my opinion the Kayfun style atomizers are the best vape available for rebuilders. I love it for the ease of build, consistency of the vape, style, and build options. Since I bought my first Kayfun I had to have more of them. The next step for me was to get a Russian 91% and I loved the new changes. The adjustable air flow let me make my draw airier, and the adjustable pin gave more options for mods. There have been a few improvements made on the original Kayfun Lite bringing us to the latest and greatest. The Kayfun Lite Plus.

A few small changes contributing to the greater good.

A few small changes contributing to the greater good.

This isn’t the first time this atomizer has been available (or the cheapest,) but lately the Russian 91% and Kayfun lite have been very hard to find in stock. Svoe Mesto has moved the airflow to the underside of the atomizer. I’ve heard some complaints that this may not have been a wise move. For people that love to get as airy as possible, the screw might interfere with getting a nice flush mount on a mod. If that is an an issue to you, why not just remove it. The fill hole has also gotten some attention. The new screw port has been recessed into the base of the atomizer and an o ring has been affixed to the screw. The Svoe Mesto team says you can now fill the mod from any juice bottle. Meaning you don’t need to carry around a needle point, or fill from the top. The last change is on the internals. While the Kayfun modders are aiming to make the Kayfun more compact, Svoe Mesto has allowed the ability to stack tubes and increase the capacity with accessory tanks. Lastly the Positive post is now adjustable. Overall I think there have been modest changes to a great atomizer and what we have now is like an alternative to the Russian 91%, which I think is the best version of the Kayfun atomizer to date.

Vaperev has this atomizer in stock for $99.00 and even at this price, it is sure to sell out once again.

For the more patient vapers out there, an EHPro Kayfun Lite Plus clone has been spotted… ETA: Unknown.



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